Stainless Steel Edging Production and Installation

In hotel decoration projects and high-end office building decoration projects, stainless steel edging is a very common stainless steel decorative profile.




1. Stainless steel edging profiles are more convenient, labor-saving and material-saving installation than ceramic tiles or stone. Simple and easy to complete.


2. The profiles are straight and the surface is smooth, which can effectively ensure that the edges and corners of the wrapping are straight, so that the corners of the decoration have more three-dimensional beauty.


3. Stable performance, not affected by any climatic conditions, excellent anti-collision performance, the stainless steel edging profiles can be decorated with an ideal angle according to the design requirements.


4. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and low cost. It is generally used for door cover, glass partition, etc.


Production and installation process:


First, determine the width and hemming of the edging according to the size of the drawing. The base layer is usually made of lining board, and the surface layer is made of stainless steel plate.


1. First, measure the size of the signboard, and make the angle iron frame of the signboard according to the size;


2. It is necessary to add a bottom plate (wooden board, zinc iron sheet, stainless steel, etc.) according to the size, preferably on the angle iron;.


3. Put the nail or screw on the angle iron, and install the auxiliary hook for hanging the wall;


4. Select the stainless steel angle according to the width of the angle iron (25mm angle iron corresponds to 25mm stainless steel), and seal the four sides according to the length and width of the angle (front and side seals);


5. Install to the wall, door or column.