Stainless steel Laser Cut Screens Capture Your Interests

You will save on your decorative screen project when you directly come to the manufacturer every time.We will work with you to create beautiful laser cut decorative screens that will capture your style and creativity. Our screens are always great talking points and will capture the imagination of anyone that sees your decorative screen.


Our Laser Cut Decorative Screen Designs range from the delicate styles and patterns that occur naturally in our Flora and Fauna; and fusion of geometric and repetitive designs in Arabic and Asian architecture and culture.


For example, the laser cut screens use in restaurant:

This traditional sense of ceremony begins in the reception space. The interior is wrapped in warm lighting and gold metal. Light pours in from the windows, and the mind is stabilized and comforted.


The whole wall uses a lot of warm color wall paper and a metal screen with a strong sense of hazy, and the interweaving of light and shadow behind it can be vaguely seen, making the hidden and exposed natural. 


I think this is the carrier of encounters, which carries food and spirit, and embodies our identification with lifestyle, yearning for social interaction and confidence in multiculturalism. 

Creating a pure and just right atmosphere in the space is the driving force of the designer's creation. He hopes that the space can accommodate people's feelings of gathering and parting, stimulate the curiosity of the taste buds, savor the travel-like interest, share the daily enthusiasm... At the same time, it will continue to provide youthful motivation for life.


Besides for restaurants, laser cut dividers are widely used for home decoration.

Besides for restaurants, laser cut dividers are widely used for home decoration.The color of the screen can be well integrated with the home decoration style.