Project Sharing -Empire Cinema Project In KSA

Inoxfurt Metal has not only done many hotel projects, but also completed many cinema projects. Nowadays, more and more stainless steel works are used in cinema interiors projects, because metal can reflect the high-end feeling and bright atmosphere, giving people a visual impact.


Today, we are going to introduce the Empire Cinema Project we completed which is located in Saudi Arabia.In this cinema project, our products cover stainless steel wall panels,partition, shelf,cladding,door sign, door frames, wall trims and steel benches, most of them are brass color, which matches the noble feel of the empire cinema.

 This project basically uses most kinds of metal processing technology,like laser cutting, grooving, bending, welding, polishing, rolling, etching, powder coated, vacuum plating and so on. These processing are easily handled by us. But it should be a challenge to avoid any damage or scratch for this overlong work after doing so many processes. And we did it.


Our team treasure every work and pays 100% patience and care.Besides skilled worker, we also have experienced engineer team, sales team, with strict QC team, which gives customers sufficient safety and won more and more jobs.This is why we have a good reputation and can continue to grow stronger and bigger.