Participated In 6 star Resorts Hotel Fitout Project


Tourism hotels have increasingly become a multi-functional comprehensive carrier for business, leisure, entertainment and vacation. 

More and more Resort hotels using stainless steel product designs to decorate the interior to attract more tourists. 

  Tourists can get the satisfaction of sense of accomplishment and the realization of self-worth in the environmental atmosphere and cultural added value of tourism hotel services. 

Therefore, creating the external and tangible landscape culture of tourist hotels is an important aspect and content of building tourist hotel culture, and it is also an important way to promote the development of tourist service products to a higher level and improve the service quality of tourist hotels.

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The development of science and technology enables the design and decoration of the hotel interior

environment to 

adopt all modern technological means, so that the design can achieve the best effect of sound, light, color and shape, 

and create an ideal space environment. The cultural characteristics of ethnic groups and regions are more fully expressed 

through modern craftsmanship and technology, and are more easily accepted by tourists.



Like a quality concierge, we provide specialist advice and support from conception to completion. We can help guide you  through the construction process, whether its interior fitout, refurbishment works or a new build.

These are the customized divider screens for wall decoration. Height: about 6 meters. Color:PVD brass which is durable, anti rust, anti fingerprint.

We're driven by the need to ensure your customers’expectations are met beyond compromise, and that your brand promise is successfully delivered through  your new space.

Huge mirror frames for Toilet, after knowing the client's requirement , in order to meet their target price and reach the same outlook, we gave suggestions to revise some details. The mirror frames still looks perfet after finished.