Stainless Steel Work in Wenzhou Sales Center

The design uses a three-way design approach to make them penetrate and connect with each other, creating an extraordinary natural beauty and a refined and fashionable urban style. Adding square and tough lines to the flexible and free curves outlines the contours full of artistic beauty and fashion and delicacy, and then cooperates with large areas of transparent glass to connect indoors and outdoors, return to nature in the blend of light, and open a section of the city Dialogue from past life to future life.

Under the guidance of light in the reception hall, the base of the twilight gives people a poetic and hazy artistic beauty. The stone sculptures with great visual impact, accompanied by the twilight into the eyes, make people wake up in the "mountains and mountains", so as to further explore the natural context The art luxury trend culture under the background opens a new chapter.

未标题-1.jpgVarious cultural and innovative products, such as blind box trendy games, creative coffee, and decompression artifacts, will bring visitors an upgraded experience and emotional resonance, break the new boundary of real estate connections, and achieve a new understanding of the commercial attributes of the Shoukai brand. The negotiation area continues the spatial order of the building itself, and uses arcs to extend and stretch visually. The spaces are naturally divided and interact with each other, creating a free-flowing dynamic effect. Combined with the high-ceiling design technique, the overall space is shaped Create a "natural canyon" form of cascading transformation.


The theme of the regional center installation is nature and the future. It combines trees and metal to depict an impressive aesthetic scene. Metal becomes particularly eye-catching under the light, giving an urban impression of elegance, light luxury and trend. From the whole to the details, the design is committed to creating a natural and prosperous aesthetic conception. The half-wrapped curved sofa encloses a relaxed and lively utopia. The theme of the building presents an aesthetic space that combines nature and humanity, nature and quality both internally and externally.

未标题-2.jpgBronze metal is widely used in the water bar area to establish a light, luxurious and elegant atmosphere. The gorgeous materials shine brightly under the warm yellow light. The curved arched wall makes the space more interesting and layered, giving people a sense of classical and exquisite window display. The black marble texture water bar adds a poetic and picturesque feeling to the space, and the green plants on the table bloom with natural vitality, adding color to the area and bringing freshness and vitality. The material and color of the furniture in the deep negotiation area is the same as that in the shallow talk area, but it pays more attention to the creation of the atmosphere. The metal mesh screens are separated continuously, creating the exclusive dignity and privacy of the space, making the overall rhythm more relaxed and soothing


The book bar wrapped in wood color is inspired by the ABC Art Book Fair. The stacked bookshelves guide people to explore upwards. The open rest area in the form of stairs shortens the distance between people. Sitting on the ground, have a thoughtful exchange meeting. The art corridor combines the local characteristics of Wenzhou and presents it in a modern way with hanging paintings as the carrier, giving people visual and emotional resonance.