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Heart-Centered Design Of Stainless Steel Products For Fitout Project
Inoxfurt factory cooperative with the designer to let the idea come true, which is apprecaited by the clients.Let's follow us to enjoy a project that how we made the stainless steel wall screens,the reception dividers, room dividers and satisfied with the clients requirements,we are always to be a good supplier, a good consultant.
Stainless steel Laser Cut Screens Capture Your Interests
You will save on your decorative screen project when you directly come to the manufacturer every time.We will work with you to create beautiful laser cut decorative screens that will capture your style and creativity. Our screens are always great talking points and will capture the imagination of anyone that sees your decorative screen.
Multi-dimensional Design With Stainless Steel Products
With the development of the times and the progress of the society, diversified lifestyles such as pleasing oneself, living at home, socializing, and individuality are becoming more and more popular. Interior design teams are trying to explore the ideal form of a new city and space, symbiosis between inside and outside, and elegant style. Stainless steel products decoration place an important role in this.
Metal Decoration Case- Grand New Century Hotel
Changzhou, the central city in the Yangtze River Delta region, has ushered in a new landmark for business travel! Kaiyuan Hotel group's first Kaiyuan Mingdu brand hotel in Changzhou, Changzhou Grand New Century Hotel, officially opened on April 27! As a new landmark of the city, it will lead the new fashion of high-end life in the surrounding area.